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Parsha Summary Program

Inaugurated in 2000 by Temple Sinai member Professor Mal Golden z''l, Temple Sinai’s unique Parsha Summary Program provides congregants with an opportunity to research, study, prepare, and present a 5 minute reflective synopsis of the week’s Torah portion during Saturday morning services. Temple Sinai is unique in this effort. There is not a single Synagogue in Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach Counties – Conservative, Orthodox, Reform or Reconstruction – that has adopted this appealing and outstanding program.

Since its inception, over 650 dedicated and inspired Temple Sinai members have undertaken this commendable endeavor.

Rabbi Goldenholz emphasizes that a notable purpose of the Parsha Summary Program is to enthuse the listeners by establishing a connection to the breathtaking and awesome words of Torah, and to portray its depth, beauty, warmth, and applicability.

Rabbi has also stressed to the congregational family, that the study of Torah is the ultimate mitzvah.  Of relevance is congregational collaboration to facilitate Rabbi Goldenholz’s effort to buttress spirituality, as he stresses the importance of personal growth through education and scholarship.

Parsha presenters are captivated by their Torah portion. Many report finding solace and inspiration as they ponder the questions, doubts, and struggles faced by our biblical forebears.

We encourage you to select a Parsha to present. You will be both challenged and fulfilled and proud of your accomplishment.

If you are interested in participating and selecting a Parsha,  please send an e-mail to Jennifer Nevo, Temple Sinai’s Member Services Coordinator with which date and Parsha you want to read. –

For more information about the program or any questions, please contact the Temple Office.


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