Today is August 9, 2020 -

Temple Sinai of Hollywood

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Dear Members,
This is a moment when our courage and creativity needs be brought to bear.
I appreciate the concerns of some of our members about Halacha, and deeply respect those who want to live within the traditional framework. And we also need to look for ways that we intuitively know will serve our people. 
During this crisis, we need to adapt to new and uncharted territory- that is our imperative. This moment calls for us to create, innovate, and use technology  in novel ways for Jewish worship, learning, rituals, etc. to mitigate suffering, ease anxiety, strengthen webs of relationships, inspire people to be calmer, kinder, more generous, nurture hope and deepen faith. We have to do so with reverence to God, love for our people, and respect for our traditions. 
Today, more than ever, we are grounded in the knowledge that our congregational family
is very important, and that our solidarity is strong and sustaining.
When, God willing, this crisis passes, then we as a group can share what we learned
about how the very tradition we love can help people sanctify and choose life.
Chazak VAmatz (Strength and Perseverance), May we all be safe and healthy.
Shabbat Shalom.
Rabbi Dr. Gideon M. Goldenholz

Shalom! Welcome to Temple Sinai of Hollywood

We are an inclusive, egalitarian, Conservative congregational family, celebrating diversity. We embrace pluralism and respect a variety of religious practices. We have a deep connection with Tradition while engaging in the dynamic process of Halacha and the evolution of change. We are a faith-based community made up of an eclectic group of people, from various backgrounds and varying levels of education as well as observance.

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