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Construction Update

school-1-8-15-1 150108239-72 150108240-72Construction of our new Early Childhood Center/Administartion Offices “officially” began Monday, May 12, 2014.  We will post new photos periodically as the work progresses.  Please check back often to watch our progress.

Week of October 13, 2014

The 8 air conditioning units were installed on the roof last week.  Ductwork should be finished today.  Plumbers still have a few more items to complet.  Drywall installation is scheduled to begin tomorrow.  Sit work continues on the north parking lot.  We can now see the drive and parking areas as well as areas to be landscaped.  The sprinkler system for the south and west areas has been completed and is now watering the new plantings.
aerial-10-11-14-3aerial 10-11-14


WEEK OF October 6, 2014

The roof is finished.  Most of the stucco work on the exterior is finished as well.  The decorative stone has been ordered and should be installed in two weeks.  Air conditioning units are scheduled to be installed on the roof on Friday.  On the inside of the building, plumbing and electrical rough-in should be finished by Friday.  The a/c ductwork is also almost finished.  Installation of the drywall is scheduled for Monday and should take two weeks.  Outside, sitework continues on the north and east parking areas.  The new driveway is being “rocked” now and paving is scheduled for late next week.


WEEK OF September 15, 2014

Work continues on the roof.  Insulation has been delivered and is being installed.  Roof should be finished within the next few weeks.  Inside, the framing is almost finished.  Windows have been installed.  Plumbers and electricians are “roughing in” their lines in the walls.  The fire sprinklers are also being installed.  Site work continues on the north and east sides of the building.  New parking lots and landscaping are being installed.

We are on, or slightly ahead of, schedule for our new school to open just after January 1, 2015.
aerial 9-11-14-3


The roof trusses have been delivered and are now being installed.  This should take about two weeks. Meanwhile, work is now being don in the north parking lot.  Water and sewer lines as well as drainage are being installed.

This is our monthly areial photo, which, as you can see was taken prior to the installation of the roof trusses.

The tie beam has been finished and stripped.  Roof trusses will be delivered on Monday, August 4th.  Installation of the roof trusses and roof deck will take the next two weeks.  Meanwhile, the fence along the alley is being completed as is the landscaping of the west side of the campus.  This will include 56 new trees along the fence and trees and plants in the parking islands along the building.  The new water lines have been installed across 46th Avenue, both at McKinley and Arthur Streets.  Repaving of those intersections will be completed next week.


The pad (floor) in the building is finished.  The upper tie beam is being formed and should pe poured later this week.  Once this is done, the roof trusses will be installed.  The south parking lot is fully paved and landscaped.  The irrigation system will be completed shortly.  Striping of the parking lot began today, unfortunately, the rain casued a delay.  This should be finished tomorrow and the lot should be open on Wednesday, July 23rd.  At that point, the north lot will be closed and all entry to the temple will be through the chapel door on the west (rear) side of the building.
south lot-landscape

WEEK – 9

The south parking lot is almost finished.  Striping is now scheduled for Monday, July 21st,  and by Tuesday, the lot should be open for our use.  When the south lot opens, the north lot will be closed and entrance to the temple will be through the chapel door on the west side of the building.  We will notify the congregation as soon as we know for sure.

The fence along the west side is scheduled for installation on Wednesday, and paving of the west side is scheduled to begin on Thursday, July 17th.

The pad (floor) of the new building is being poured and finished today (Wednesday, July 16th).  The new dumpster enclosure is also being built today.



WEEK – 8

7-8-14 Paving continues

7-7-14 Light Poles have been installed in both the back parking lot and the south lot.  Paving of the south lot has begun.

light polespaving-2paving-1
WEEK – 7

Work continues on the building.  The first “pour” of concrete for the columns and window sills has been completed.  The south parking lot is being compacted and should receive it’s first layer of asphalt next week.  The new sidewalks around the parking lot have been poured.  In the back, the landscape islands have been curbed and the new driveway from the rear to McKinley Street is being installed.


WEEK – 6

June 26

Electric conduit is being run to supply power to the building and parking lot light poles.  The south parking lot has received the full load of rock base and is being prepared for the first load of asphalt.

electirc-1south lot-6-26

More work has been done on the walls.  Concrete has been poured to fill the blocks, and window sills and columns are being framed.  Concrete will be poured this week in these.  Plumbing lines are being installed in the foundatoin prior to pouring the slab. Grading continues on the south parking lot and asphalt will be laid either Friday or early next week.  Meanwhile, in the north parking lot drainage and the new sewer connection are being installed.  This has caused some parking congestion for which we appologize.  Also, we will soon be repaving the entire west side of the campus, adding new paring, landscape islands, irrigation and driving lanes.  We will also be installing a pvc privacy fence along the entire length of the alley on the west side.  All of this will be finished by the end of July.

Week-6-north lot-1 week-6-north lot-2 Week-6 Walls week-6-plumbing Week-6-walls-2 week-6-walls-3

WEEK – 5

Work continues on the block walls.  As you can see from the photos, much has been accomplished.  The south parking lot is graded and is getting the first layer of “rock”.  Asphalt should begin next week.  The north parking lot is being graded. The drainage structures have been delivered and will be installed later this week.

south lot-1
north lot

WEEK – 4

Footers were poured and inspected and now, the block walls are going up.  Also, work continues on new drainage for the entire property.


WEEK – 1
Preliminary electrical and site work have started.  The old light poles in the parking lot were removed.  Temporary power is being added for the construction site, and tree removal has begun.  Check this page periodically to see photos of the progress of construction.

trencher-2first shovellandscape


The paving crew was here to begin removing the old asphalt to make way for the new building and new parking lots.  Landscapers were on site to remove many trees and begin relocating others.  We will be adding many new trees to beautify the site.  Electricians have installed temporary power for the construction and have provided power for the construction trailer.


The site crew is bringing in fill and preparing the “pad” for the new building.

The landscape crew continues the process of removing many trees and relocating others.

Materials are being brought in for the new sewer and drainage lines.

A tunnel is being dug to bring electricity from the main transformer to the new building.